Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catherine Zeta Jones

Doe's anyone remember the 1998 movie 'Zorro', with Antonio Bandera's and Hannibal Lector? Of course you do, it was on TV just the other night. That movie was pretty much what made Catherine Zeta Jones famous. She came onto the screen as a young, hot Latina Goddess (except she is Welsh)

Men all over the world always ask the same question. Why the heck did she marry Michael Douglas. Let me explain it to you because if you are asking that question you have even less of a clue about women than I do.

  1. He is a handsome man; deal with it
  2. He has charm and self confidence
  3. He has an assload of money and fame
See how easy that was to figure out? It's not like she's stupid.

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