Friday, September 25, 2009

Katie Fey

I love Katie Fey. So much in fact that she is on my 'to-stalk' list. The list is short, I don't stalk just anybody. I've sent her some warm-up emails so as not to startle her, because I'm not a jerk.

I think that Katie Fey is just about as close to my minds eyes vision of a Perfect Storm of female completion that I've ever seen, I just wish she wore glasses sometimes. But she doesn't wear much; in fact it's difficult to find a picture of her with clothes on. I think she has a 'no clothes' clause in her contracts. Hey, I'm cool with that. I think more women should have enough chutzpah to make those kinds of difficult decisions. I tried the 'no clothes' clause but I  got arrested and propositioned by a guy named Grady in jail. It doesn't work for me.

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