Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kate Jackson - The Ignored Charlies Angel

Oh poor Kate Jackson, always overlooked by the ridiculously hot Jaclyn Smith and the late, great, super blonde Farrah Fawcet. Was Kate ugly? Were her knee's too sharp? Dandruff? Let's take a look.

Wow! Yea, wait. Yea. Wow! Ok, there was nothing wrong with that girl. What a babe. For some reason I don't remember her looking that hot on Charlies Angels. Maybe she saw who she was working with, threw her brush into the air and said "f*ck it, I'll just be the one that can act". But to be fair, 'Farrah Mania' took offer soon after the show hit the small screen and Jaclyn was just beyond amazing. It would be like driving a Corvette in a Formula One race; you're pretty awesome as it is, but you dont have a real chance.

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